100.5 km in the week of June 28 to July 4th

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One of the goals that I set out to do this year was to increase my weekly mileage to reach 100km+, I achieved that goal last week. I did 100.55 km in 8:20:51 @4:59/km and I burned a total of 8568 calories! It feels great to have achieved one more milestone in my running activity. I also did a Yasso 800 during the week and here is the details of the track work.

when I compare this to my first Yasso 800, I see some improvements, on an average I have improved about 8 seconds on the 800 and I was able to do 5 laps out of the door now compared to only 3 last year. In addition, my Max heart rate did not cross 175 where are last year it was 177 so 2 heart beats slower and 8 seconds faster.

Based on the above, my average speed split pace for 1 km is 3 min 51 seconds, which extrapolates to 2 hours 42 min 31 seconds… for a marathon. Of course we cannot do a linear projection. But I am sticking to this projection as my best effort time.


Powerade – Midnight Run: 44:17 PB

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Ran the Reykjavik Powerade Midnight run 10k race in 44 min 17 sec… here is the official result. This was my personal best and I improved from 46:03 last year so it is almost 2 minutes improvement. Based on this run, my projected time for the Reykjavik Marathon is 3:23:12 still 9 minutes slower than what I need for Boston. The good thing is I know what I need to do to push myself for the next 2 months. It is going to really hard work! Hey, no-one told me that it was going to be easy

Reykjavik Marathon 2010 Training Plan – Goal 3:15:00 – Destination Boston

June 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

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Well, here is my training plan for the next 10 weeks before the Reykjavik Marathon. The goal is to qualify for Boston Marathon with a time of 3:15:00, many that I have mentioned this to have looked at me like I was stating something like I am flying to the Moon in the next 10 weeks! Well, criticism and nay sayers aside… I shall focus and build on the base that I have started my training on. I feel good and I can see that my endurance and speed are increasing and I know that there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. ‘noph said

Running Stats so far – first 5km race on first day of Summer

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Run...AlwaysImage by Nwardez via Flickr

I have been keeping with the running regime but have not been blogging… shame on me! anyways, here is the summary of my running in 2010 and it has not been bad.

I have registered to run a 5km race on the first day of summer (today!) and the goal is to run as hard as I can and set my first 5km PB. The race starts at 12:00 noon in downtown Reykjavik… I have run this race route before and it is pretty flat except for a small hill stretching about 300m.

Goal for the rest of the year:
1. 100km a week and push it to 150km
2. Start swimming to train for Iron Man in 2012.
3. Run Reykjavik Marathon
4. Qualify for Boston Marathon

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Gave up after 35 km…

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I was very disappointed after a horrible run last sunday. I managed to run 35 km in 3:06:54 @5:19/km… I think I have to blame myself for the dismal performance. The weather was horrible, it was windy, rainy and down right depressing when I looked out the window when I woke up around 7am. I was quite surprised with the games my mind was playing I have never been intimated by the weather before and I have run in much harsher weather so I don´t know what the issue was. I guess mentally I am getting tired of training, I need to start running with a group to keep up the training regime.

To get down to the specifics, almost 8 km I was running against the wind, which felt horrible and I just could not push myself to keep up a good pace. It felt like the wind was 10 to 15 m/sec, of course it feels horrible when your mind tells  you all that is wrong with the run. I am more motivated than I have ever been to get back into doing more speed work and tempo runs to improve my speed.

Core Workout

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I found these exercises to be very useful… they basically work your abdomen and back, I have started doing Rope Yoga which is excellent for the core as well.

Core Exercise 1
Core Exercise 2
Core Exercise 3

Running update before Reykjavik Half Marathon 2009

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Reykjavik Marathon 2009 is next week and I plan to run a half marathon with a time goal of 1:45:00. I have posted an update until end of July and my training plan, the running stats in August so far stands at:

Distance (km): 130.05
Time: 10:56:06
Avg. Pace (min/km): 5:03
Avg. Speed (km/hr): 11.9
Calories: 11,416
Avg kms per day: 8.1

Image by skipio in Flickr

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