10KM in 53:09 & Chicken Pox

January 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

The weather was horrible with 10 to 15 m/sec wind, but I ran the race and finished in 53 minutes and 9 seconds. Here is the official result, I was planning to run another 10KM race the following week but as my luck would have it I got Chicken Pox, I can assure you that this was the MOST HORRIBLE experience of my life. I felt like I was trapped in a twilight zone and my worst nightmare together.

I had breakouts through out my body, my face, my head… you name it and I had a break out. The fever ran almost all the way upto 42 degrees centigrade. Doctor came to my house as it was a contagious disease and they had to give me a combination of painkillers and fever reducers to prevent my fever from getting to dangerous levels.

I have been in bed from January 10 to January 17. I am glad it is over. The best part of this is disease is that I have lost about 3 kgs, now I just need to maintain my weight and get back to running. I tried running but I was too weak, I will get back on the running trail again… wish me luck!


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