Went out running, returned in a Taxi!!!

February 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

Alright, everyone can laugh at me now. I guess I was foolish to take a long run after I ran twice yesterday. My buddy Villi wanted to run 25 to 30km today and I said “Sure, why not!”… Bad idea. Everything was fine until the 19km although I was running slower than Villi and Lilja, at the 19th km my whole leg started cramping and I was sooo hungry that my stomach was cramping and my hands were freezing. I had to really collect myself to get to a place where I could be warm and get a ride to the gym. I ran for another couple of km and found a Pizza Hut, how badly did I want to order a whole pizza and eat it! Now I understand how Dean was feeling when he ordered a Pizza and Cheese cake while he was running the 293 miles rally. Anyway, made it back to the gym in one piece, because I called a taxi and when I got to the gym, my wife and mother-in-law were standing with Villi, his wife laughing at me!!! I thought it was funny as well…


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